We are looking for good films.

We support an advertizing canpaign of your film.

We support a finamcing of your film production.

We are looking for good ideas and stories for films.

Last update 11.July.2000

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Film Market!

We are looking for good films. The movie market in Japan has been changing on a large scale than we have ever experienced before . It is reported that foreign motion pictures are earning over 640 million U.S dollars every year in this market.This amount accounts for 54 percent of yearly total box-office receipts in Japan. On the other hand, in the US movie market, about 50 million U.S dollars are earned by foreign motion pictures. Japan's market is 13 times larger than U.S market.

Recently, Japanese market has been undergoing a major transformation because of several factors: namely,the rapid spread of cinema complexes sponcered by some large Japanese film makers and some major Hollywood Studios; the spread of a new type of theater called "mini theater" which shows films selected under each theater-owner's individual policy; and the increase of demand for films which will be used for degital satellite broadcasting which will start in Japan in the year 2000.

Under such circumstances, we are proposing to market films to the world by using Japan market as a gateway to the world market. We are willing to start a project, beginning at any of the several stages involved in the making of a movie. Please contact us in relation to any kind of project you have in mind.




It is clear that the quality of films, and an effective advertizing campaign, are the key to attracting people's attention, and to the eventual success in the movie bussiness in this growing movie market.

We carry out the best advertizing campaign using our unique promotional mehtods.




Recently, due to recession in the Japanese economy, banking institutions have been looking for good investments. They are paying particular attention to the movie industry as a good target for investment.

We appeal to film makers,entertainment companies,distribution agencies,private investors,and to banking institutions for financing .



Writer's Market!

Not only do we support the production and promotion of films, but we also support a film's production from any stage of its development.

We are looking for any good ideas,stories, or plans which may become the basis for making afilm which will be acceptable to English-speaking parts of the world.